Monday, August 8, 2011

[IRL #9] BotB

Hey guys!
Sorry if you have noticed that there is a lack of updates to this blog for the past week, or so. That's just because I'm kinda busy at the real world and stuff.

Ok, so this past week, I have been busy practicing with my band for this upcoming "Battle of The Bands" event in our University. Basically, it's really like a talent show, well except, you got an opportunity to showcase your talents in playing musical instruments found in a basic band. So there's six of us, 2 of us on guitar, 1 on drums, 1 on vocals (and a girl too), 1 on bass, and our new member on the keyboard.

The requirement was to prepare 2 songs, a maximum of 10 minutes of duration, but there was a catch. One song must be under the Rock genre, and the other pop / party / autotune crap. I was okay with the Rock one, but I was devastated to hear about the party one. I find it really boring to play just 4 repetitive chords in a monotonous sequence for the whole entire song!

We only had like 4 practice sections so far, averaging 1.5 hours per session . All I can say is, I love this band! I really saw the improvement we had since the last time we played altogether onstage 1 year ago.

So last Saturday, 4 of our members (the keyboardist and I were not around that time) went to the organizers because we were called for a meeting. Guess what? We were informed that we have like 17 opponents, and we are the second one to perform, out of this 17! Darn it. There goes our hopes. We usually end up performing near the last few performers, but this time, we are the ones who will be performing first! This is usually a bad sign for us, because the lazy judges will eventually forget the awesomeness of our performance, and rate us low just because they find the next one funny as compared to awesome. Hello judges! This isn't a comedy show!

Well, enough ranting. We sure do hope we get the first place this time. Last time, we were just second because of a mere 3 point difference. 3 POINT DIFFERENCE FOR GOODNESS SAKES!

Oh by the way, our band will perform this Friday, and I'll hope I will have the opportunity to upload some pictures of it, if possible, videos of the said performance.

Wish us luck!