Sunday, September 18, 2011

[IRL #10] I'm 18! Yay!

What is up people?

Wow it has been a full month since I last updated this blog of mine. I'm sure y'all understand how busy I am with my studies, and "side projects" with the band. I hope that's a good enough excuse for some of the serious followers of the blog. Anyhow, Last time, I promised I would post a video of us participating in this departmental "Battle of the Bands". Actually, it was long over, in fact, it was in August, and we ended up winning nothing. At least we showed the audience some justice for their presence there on such a hot venue!

Enough chit chat, on with the vid!

I'm the one with the blue strapped guitar. The one on the right. Yeah, I can get excited sometimes.

Oh and it doesn't end there. After that, we things have gotten really busy. A week after our performance, we got encouraged to join another "Battle of the Bands", but this time, it was an open contest. We competed against the best bands from all over our locality. It was never easy to pass the screening, as 26 bands auditioned, and only 12 of us passed. The sad thing is, the organizers fined even those ones who did not get passed the screening. It's such a sad system. So, we did our best on stage, and again, we ended up with NOTHING. Nah, it's a no biggie for me, because all I wanted for the band is the exposure it gets, even when it means we are sure to be at loss. Although we are fated to lose in the judges' decisions, the audience's judgement still matters in the long run. We captured our performance on video, but I was not still able to upload it on the net. I'll update this blog once it's on!

Anyhow, enough with all the band talk, yesterday was my 18th birthday! Yay!

This time, it's not a lie!

You all know how it all turned out, we had a small jamming session here at the so-called "Countershot HQ", we had drinks, at it was all fun! I can still hear the phantom sounds in my ear! If you're exposed to too much noise for long periods of time, you'll get what I mean.

Also, the first episode for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 2 aired on the same date as my birthday. Such a wonderful coincidence, as I am an avid watcher of the show!
I know, It's AWESOME!

And also ALSO, My dad bought me a bass guitar and a bass amp as a birthday present for me! YAY! I really appreciate it, although I do not know how to play it, as I only play basic rhythm and lead. So basically, I think we are complete with musical instruments here at home, we got a drum kit, a bass guitar, and electric guitar, amps, and a keyboard. Those things comprises the Countershot HQ I was talking about earlier.

By the way, I called it Countershot HQ because, our band's name is Countershot. That's basically it!

In the next blog entry, I will post our latest performance in Battle of the Bands (U-Rock 2011), the pic of our HQ, aka Garage, and the pic of my new bass guitar and amp.

External Links / BONUS!
Here's our Youtube channel, I'm the page owner of it, feel free to comment! (although probably you won't understand a thing in some of our performances, because of the difference in language!)

Because MLP:FiM Season 2 is out, let me share this one. Comment, if you can relate!
D3N00B1F13D - My Little Rocky by D3N00B1F13D



  1. Happy Birthday to you! Too bad you didn't win the battle of the bands, but at least you got the exposure, like you said. That counts for quite a bit.

  2. Happy birthday man!

  3. Lol the cake wasnt a lie this time.

  4. Happy birthday :)
    And glad you're back.