Friday, July 8, 2011

[Ownstuff #1] Scratch03

Hello world!
Today, I introduce to you a new format in addition to my blog. Give it up for Ownstuff!
I'll be taking a short break from doing reviews on my Legit Goodies format.

Ownstuff is basically a new format showcasing my creative works and projects. In other words, it will deal with entries concerning everything I made and will make in the future. Unlike Legit Goodies, everything presented here are of my property, and are affiliated to me.

Ok, I just made a Soundcloud account using the same name as my Blogger account which is D3N00B1F13D. I have done this simply because it will serve as my official host for uploading my music and related works.

So, on with the first entry!
I don't know if this will sound familiar to you. Enjoy! :D

Scratch03 by D3N00B1F13D

I've entitled it as Scratch03 for the meantime, considering it's short, and it's lacking quality mixing and other sound techniques. For the information of all, I have numerous projects prefixed as "Scratch" because I am a big procrastinator, and I never finish them for some reason.

I used Fruity Loops Studio 9 to make the looping EZDrummer sequence, and some cheap equipments to input in my guitar signal. Just added a little Delay on the guitar parts to make it more "Rainbow-ish."

Personal Comments / Remarks:
-Took me 30 minutes to do all this
-Played by memory (meaning, not played simultaneously with original song)
-I know the last part sounds off (realized after listening to the original one)

So what do you think?
Sounds familiar? xD
Just leave a comment below, and thanks for having the time to read all this!


  1. sounds awesome bro, I love that guitar keep it coming

  2. nice work on this, reminds me that i have to use FL more... ;-)

  3. Cool! I'd love to see more of this stuff!

  4. Very cool! I sometimes like to use mixcraft really sweet program!

  5. Sounds pretty good.

  6. Thanks for the update! Guitar sounds nice. +1