Friday, July 22, 2011

[Ownstuff #3] Greenline

Hello interwebs!

This entry is yet about another work of mine in my interest of photography!
Enough with the intro, here it is!

Click to enlarge photo

I call this the Greenline, for the fact that there IS a Santan bush making a line parallel to that wall to the left. This was taken in my quiet neighborhood last week, as I was experimenting on the white balance and camera angles. Hey, as I have said before, I am not a professional, and I'm just doing this because I love to.

As opposed to my last entry, this photo is not that dark and dull. In fact, it is bombarded by red / orange / green colors.

As you can see, it has been manipulated via Photoshop. Still figuring out how to apply those "warm" wallpaper-ish atmosphere to this photo.

Personal Comments / Remarks:
- I think I overdid the manipulation
- Red hue seems to blur those non-focused flowers
- The far right portion of the pic seems off
- Cheesy camera angle

I need some tips and tricks guys. I don't rely on tutorials much as I am better off figuring stuffs out by myself. Just simple and basic techniques will do.

What do you think guys?
Leave a comment below!

EDIT: Since the uploaded photo has reduced in quality due to compression, I am giving you guys a link to download the full quality photo.




  1. Damn!
    The compression reduced its quality.
    Sorry guys.

  2. Great picture, the space on the right is perfect for a motivational quote or something

  3. thx for sharing this, I love it!!!

  4. It is fun messing with the controls, and you got a pretty cool result! Many of the experiments I perform are utter failures. But onward we go, toward that perfect picture.

  5. It would make a decent wall, no tips from me, a total noob at PS.

  6. I think it looks pretty cool, it's always fun to take some photos and mess around with them in PS. If photography becomes a great interest of yours, you should start up a blog about it.

  7. Good work! Can't really comment much on the technical aspects.

  8. Rather nice photography i'd hang that in a doctors office.