Thursday, June 23, 2011

[IRL #7] Differential Migraine

Dear Princess Celes... wait... what? NO!

Damn Headache! Earlier this day I woke up with this darn migraine of some sort. I pinpointed out the cause: it was maybe because I wasn't able to get proper sleep because of that Differential Calculus thingy!

To those who may not know, I am currently taking up a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering, and Differential Calculus (shortened to DifCal) is one of the three math subjects that is required to be taken by all those who wants to graduate in this course.

Ok, Back to the story. Last night I was busy trying to get more info and background about this subject "DifCal", since our professor was absent the first 2 meetings, and "rushed" the lecture on the last 2 meetings of this week. In order for us to cope up, he just left us with some exercises that we must practice to. But hey! I'm no genius, I admit that I am a bit of a slow learner, so it took me the whole midnight to search for notes. And in the end? I had made no progress that night, considering I'm dumb.

Now, it's the next day. I got no sleep, woke up 8AM in the morning, got to DifCal class on time. And what's next? More migraine! I can barely remember all those theorems taught to us in class. There are rules to be considered, and cases to be taken account of in order to solve specific problems... And that's just only the basics!

Just some of the basics I'm talking about.

Nah. There is no use ranting all of this in my blog. I just wanted to share how is it like to be in the Engineering course, and how is it like to WRITE A BLOG WHILE HAVING A DAMN MIGRAINE! Also, I promise to allocate my time wisely, especially in practicing.


But for now, I got to sleep because I can feel my brain drying up. It's raining outside, (tropical storm heading in!) and it's the perfect time to sleep in a cold noon. I gotta be awake later at 5 o'clock for my programming class.

Until next time, people! Wish me luck so that I can get out of this course alive!


  1. By the way guys, I am nearing 100 followers, so I salute you, loyal flock! :)

    You may think I'm inactive? NOPE!
    Check back tomorrow for a [Legit Goodies] entry.

  2. One look at those notes made my head hurt just a little. I hate math...

  3. I would like to take some more mathematics when I return to college. After getting a taste of programming and game design in 3d, you realize just how much of it was actually useful.

    As for the math you're talking about, I haven't the slightest clue what it's for.

    Good luck with your classes

  4. never had migraine in my life

  5. Man that sucks. Your lecturer is a douche.

  6. ouch, that book... seems to give me a migraine, the equations inside

  7. xDD I had to zoom in to read the equations, but I still couldn't make them all out.

    Sorry about the migraine. .__.;

  8. My faithful stu... Whoopsie!
    Well, I studied Calculus three years before, so I can't help you. I'm studying Computing Science.