Friday, June 17, 2011

[Legit Goodies #2] PurePwnage

"Boom, Headshot!" -Joel "FPS_Doug" Gardiner

If you are old enough lurking the internet, you have probably encountered this phrase -- be it in videos, games, and blogs such as this one. Everything has its origins right? It so happens that, that particular line was a catchphrase from what will be reviewed here. It's from the phenomenal web series named PurePwnage.


PurePwnage, shortened as PP, is basically an internet series created by Jarett Cale and Geoff Lapaire. In a mockumentary format, the show stars the creators themselves as Jeremy and Kyle, respectively, along with several other people. It is about the life of a stereotypical pro-gamer, Jeremy (played by Jarett Cale), showing off his skills in Real-Time Strategy games (such as Command and Conquer: Generals), First-Person Shooters (Counter-Strike: Source and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare), and even MMORPG's (this is very self-explanatory). Of course, along with him is his brother Kyle, who cannot be seen on camera, as he is the one filming the whole thing.

Spanking the monitor after winning a game is completely normal.

This show not only revolves around Jeremy as an ubergamer, but also around his uber-eccentric social life. He has friends, of course, and one of them is FPS_Doug (played by Joel Gardiner... Yeah, the "Boom Headshot" guy, that's him). In their lineup of characters, he is the one most overly addicted to First Person Shooter Games. He even goes out on the streets running with a knife because, according to him, "everyone runs faster with a knife" (It's a Counter-Strike reference my friends).

If you see him on the streets...

The show consists of very identifiable characters (such as Dave, the asian cook and Anastasia, the lady gamer) stuck in a dynamic range of plots. I would not like to give anything away, so I better leave the rest up to you to discover.

From left to right: Dave, FPS_Doug, Jeremy, and Anastasia

The show officially ended in January 19, 2011, almost three years after Troy Dixon's car accident, that led him to pass away. Troy Dixon is the star that plays the character T-bag, a professional Halo player on the Xbox360. His appearance was somewhat short in the original series, but the plot was greatly affected by his loss, that even led to end the internet show.

Rest in Peace.

The show did continue to be broadcasted on Showcase TV with 8 episodes, but it failed to pick up for a second season. The TV show received mixed views from the fandom, since it failed to portray very specific instances of the gaming culture, as portrayed best by the the web series. In short, it was too generic for the fans. Moreover, the characters of the original series were replaced with new ones, aside from Jeremy, Kyle and FPS_Doug (that means no pro-at-cooking asian guy). Also, it was only exclusive to the viewers in Canada.

The new PurePwnage... You might guess who's in the rightmost side.

Although it was PurePwnage's doomed fate to end, its content, humor, and ubergamer epicness will undoubtedly remain to the hearts of everyone who lurks the internet and to everyone that has witnessed Jeremy's pelvic thrust adventures.

Gaming Domination!

Very well portrays internet/gaming culture
The Humor!
Games... Video Games Everywhere!
Teh_Noob Song, and the whole soundtrack is awesome
Jarett Cale and Geoff Lapaire are geniuses
20+ minutes per episode!
"Boom Headshot"

Lousy TV Spin-off
It did not conclude the whole thing; just stopped midway

Overall Rating: 8.7 / 10 in the Pwnage Scale

You can start here:
PurePwnage Website
PurePwnage First Episode: The Life of a Pro Gamer

Because last time we have reviewed a similar web series called "The Guild", I'll be throwing in a pic that is just basically an epic moment when two worlds collide. Presenting, Felicia Day (played Codex in The Guild) and Jarett Cale, on one stage in March 2010 PurePwnage Screening.

Why don't they make a collaboration project?

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  25. I remember getting into these during school. Would come home during break and watch an episode every day.

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