Friday, June 24, 2011

[Legit Goodies #3] EpicMealTime

"We've permanently changed the cooking game." ~Harley Morenstein, EpicMealTime

If you are one of those many couch potatoes watching television all day, you might have encountered numerous cooking shows on TV networks. Some of them showcases the masterpieces of skilled chefs, while others blend to other formats to display a reality show-esque atmosphere. Fact: Almost all of them are not worth watching and boring. Screw those shows, and watch EpicMealTime!

EpicMealTime is a Canadian-based cooking show worth watching, not boring, and of course as the name suggests, EPIC! Also, it is accessed through Youtube, so you don't need to be forced to see those countless commercials in between shows.

Hey, you might be thinking why am I going to review such a show? I'm no food critic. I'm not a culinary arts master. I can't even perfect the art of cooking unburnt fried eggs. The thing is, this show was intended to be somewhat comedic in one way, at the same time, a trigger for hunger. Fact: I love comedy plus food.

Epic Meal Time

EpicMealTime, unlike the rest of those boring shows, does phenomenal and out-of-this-world masterpieces out of multiple food selections and menus. They tend to mock the ways of authentic chefs (making food using "next level cooking apparatus[es]"), and make fun of all those sanitary guidelines (cooking foods bare hands, beating eggs with fingers, etc.). Moreover, the show makes their masterpieces in epic proportions...

...literally, in EPIC proportions.

If you are either a member of PETA or a vegan, you might not consider this appealing at all. The reason being is, the show involves lots of Jack Daniel's chugging, and pig slaughtering. They almost always incorporate Jack Daniel's into their "main ingredients".

80 Proof, 40% alcohol content whiskey... Smaaart.

Also, meat, even in candy form, in every episode is inevitable since the show is famously recognized by their excessive use of bacon. In short, no bacon equals no EpicMealTime

Basically, this is what they do.

The pic above is not even the finished product. Just look at the calorie counter in that thing -- enough to feed a whole family. But wait! There's more! That does not finish there. Of course, after cooking the food, what would they do?

They present it...

...then they devour it in a gluttonously comedic fashion.

This show had achieved several milestones throughout the entire time it was active. Some of which are winning the 2011 Shorty Award in Food Category, breaking the 100,000 calorie barrier, creating the TurBaconEpic, the meat house, and filming while drunk.

Pretty much self explanatory

Meaty Humor
Bacon Everywhere
Epic Host
Original and innovative

Not for vegans
Inconsistent calorie counter (missing counters in some episodes)
Makes me hungry

Overall Rating: 8.8/10 in the Bacon Scale

You can start here: Breaking the 100k calorie barrier!

The birth of EpicMealTime: Harley munching on some Baconators


  1. This show is totally awesome!

  2. Epic Meal Time is the reason I can't wait to go on Youtube on Tuesdays.

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    Very interesting blog!
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  4. Love epic meal time, makes me proud to be Canadian!

  5. their meals are so grose! no wonder so many obese people exsist. followed

  6. EpicMealTime always makes me soooo hungry :D

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  8. Looks like a nice meal again!
    fck im hungry now.

  9. These dudes are awesome, I always want to try and make one of their creations.

  10. looks great! I really need to get off blogger when I'm hungry >.<

  11. Favorite thing to watch on youtube bro !!! Its all about the BACON !!!!

  12. Filming while drunk, a tradition that I hope they can pass onto their kids one day.

  13. Wow, nice post, I like your blog.

  14. Love this show buddy! Some real epic food :)