Friday, June 10, 2011

[Legit Goodies #1] The Guild

"It's Friday night, and still jobless. Yay!" ~Cyd Sherman, opening scene from The Guild Season 1

If you are an avid gamer, and a Youtube habitant, I am very sure you would be delighted to dig this review. Today's review is about The Guild, an ongoing Youtube web series featuring the life of an avid MMORPG player, Cyd Sherman, better known as her in-game alias, Codex. Sherman is played by the creator of the show: Felicia Day, herself.

Felicia Day as Cyd Sherman, as Codex

Each episode starts with Cyd talking to a camera, updating the watchers what had been happening to her life, as a slightly-socially-and-psychologically-challenged-individual err...gamer. She adventures through getting rid of a stalker who apparently traced her location down, through being infatuated to an asian parkour guy, through setting rivalry with another guild, and so forth.

Because the show is titled such, the main character must be involved in an organization of some sort. That is why the Knights of Good exists, the virtual guild that Cyd belongs to.

The Knights of Good intro splash

The Knights of Good is mainly leaded by Vork, a bossy and logical individual who seems to be making his every move the most efficient to him at any given circumstance. He tends to ignore social manners, as his logic tells him it's the best way. He is also seen multitasking (gaming while toasting) through various episodes of the series.

I'll be taking that for future consumption.

The Knights of Good is your typical mmorpg organization, consisting of a complete lineup of each character class (I am talking about Codex as the Healer/Priest, and Vork as the Fighter, and so on).

If all those languages are starting to confuse you, don't worry that you might never be able fathom the concept that is gaming. The show was inteded for anyone on the interwebs, be it a geek or a gymbag, for it incorporates only generic methodologies of gamer cultures. In short, you don't need to be a complete analytical nerd in order to dig this show. As long as you have the elements of a good and humorous listener, I guarantee you will laugh your a** of through the moments of this show.

The Guild is in episodic format, meaning, each episode is a direct consequence of the past episode. But do not let that feel you left out, since every episode only lasts for 4-8 minutes. That means, you can easily adjust your chores and schedules for these short enjoyments. Also, it is still ongoing and the fifth season is to be released this summer. Everyone can still catch up to this epic show!

I even literally locked myself in my room just to watch whole seasons in one sitting! The only problem is that, it is so good to be short. Also, there is not enough soundtrack in the series that all you can hear are characters talking, with no ambient sounds, whatsoever. Either Way, the series is great, especially when you can relate to the language and vocabulary that the genius Felicia Day had incorporated to her work.

"Cosplay" version of the Knights of Good, played by respective actors

Interesting gamer-wise stories
Humorous atmosphere
Generic for all audience

Not much ambient sounds for a show
Short episodic format
Too Generic for hardcore gamers

Overall Rating: 8/10 in the Awesome scale

You can start here: Click me to see episode 1 NAO!

*Because I did not want to give the whole show away, only two of the characters were reviewed.
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  1. I really enjoyed the guild, while some of the references obviously had to be kept vague (wider audience, copyright) you could tell they did their research!

  2. Agreed about the research thing.

    And oh, Felicia Day is a Legit Gamer so...

  3. pretty pale redhead you have my attention! 0-0

  4. @slycoopert

    Never heard of her? Man...
    You can start watching the series if you want :D

  5. haha a web series about an RPG player?

  6. looks pretty interesting, I have heard of the guild before but never looked into it

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  8. I've never seen the show, but it looks awesome.

  9. cool review, looking info about it
    thanks for the infoo

  10. Thanks for the comment guys!
    I'll be reviewing another one next Friday, so be sure to check regularly. Also, I followed you all:D

  11. Thanks for remembering me to watch this series!

  12. I love this show i have been hooked since the first season/episode! Its based on World of Warcraft or WOW Felicia Day used to be a player and like most of the last two expansions have left a bad taste in our mouths. WOW is dying but this show keeps up with what is going on and every season just keeps on getting better. this show makes me miss the good ol raiding pre-cata days....err sorry went a little on you there :-D